enter the dream realm

this is where i record my dreams, especially recurring ones and how they make me feel :)


dreamed of the mall i went to growing up. in the dream, the top level was converted to an aquarium and they had this huge squid there. the glass tank the squid was in broke and the mall flooded, and people were trying to escape from the squid which had gotten free. the dream is always the same; usually at this point i am just trying to swim away like everyone else. except this time, i knew the tank would break, and i tried to warn everyone. no one listened, but when the tank broke, i was close to the exit so i could get out easier. i dont know if thats better or worse than usual. this dream always makes me feel anxious while i'm in it but for some reason i always wake up calm, like the water took some of the fear out of the dream; like maybe this is the type of thing you can't fight.


dreamed of the place i keep seeing lately. like a plaza, with fancy stores and mansions around it. the sky is always overcast there, and the buildings are hige and muted colours. it's very grey and unnerving. in the dream i was running from place to place, trying to find j, to ask if i could borrow some money because i didn't have my wallet and i was in trouble with one of the owners of one of the stores for accidentally touching their stock and had to buy it. they wouldn't let me go home until the debt was paid, and i knew j was in the plaza, but he wouldn't come to me. it was so frightening to feel like he was going to leave me to my fate. but, when i woke up, he was in the living room because he couldn't sleep. i think my body knew he had left the room and was trying to tell me he had 'left' and i was 'alone' because i struggle with sleeping by myself these days. pretty weird! i won't be sorry if i never dream of that plaza again. every time i do it's always weird and uncanny.

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