about the druid!

hi!! im druid and this is my internet cave. welcome! :) since i was a kid i've loved exploring the vast expanse of untamed internet wilderness, but recently i've been getting more and more disheartened by how small the internet is becoming and how (seemingly!) everything here is run for profit now. BUT! over the last couple of months i've been getting back into the indie web and digging up treasures from my childhood i was sure didn't exist any more. but they do! this space is amazing and i hope to make my little corner of it somewhere cool :)

so! this place (although its very new right now) will hopefully become my cute personal site where i share stuff i love, stuff i create, and stuff that i think is helpful/useful. and if anyone sees it, great! welcome! have fun looking around and chill out as long as you like :)

Fuchsia Electricity Lightning